Brain Age Concentration Training

Only On Nintendo 3DS

Train With Others

Find training partners to compare progress, compete, and more.

Train with friends and family

Using StreetPass™ communication, you can enjoy Devilish Training with loved ones or other players you pass on the street who have also played the game on a different Nintendo 3DS system.

  • See Training Partners' records

  • See family and Training Partners' rankings

  • Compete with your Training Partners

  • View your records and your family’s on a graph

  • I'm a
    Brain Age pro!


    Oh yeah?
    Let's see about that!

Get rewarded

You'll earn certificates as you train for a number of days and set new records.

I’ve prepared many
awards for you!

Doctors Notes

As you progress, you'll be able to get additional brain insights.

  • Brain Seminars
  • Brain News
  • Tips