Brain Age Concentration Training

Only On Nintendo 3DS

Included activities

Explore the activities included in Brain Age: Concentration Training.

In addition to the Devilish Training exercises, you'll find a wide range of new and classic Brain Age activities to help prevent the effects of aging.

Devilish Training (8 types)

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  • Devilish Calculations

  • Devilish Pairs

  • Devilish Mice

  • Devilish Reading

  • Devilish Shapes

  • Devilish Blocks

  • Devilish Cups

  • Devilish Listening

Relaxation Mode

This series of activities are designed to give your brain a break—perfect to play after a Devilish Training session.

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Only Devilish Calculations is available when you start the game. Other activities will become unlocked as you play.