Brain Age Concentration Training

Only On Nintendo 3DS

Devilish Training

Discover how Devilish Training can improve your working memory and concentration.

Devilish Training

Devilish Training is a new training method based on recent brain science. Previous games in the Brain Age series focused on preventing decreased brain function, but Devilish Training aims to train your working memory and to help improve your concentration.


Helps to improve brain function

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Brain Age Concentration

The benefits of Devilish Training

While modern computers and cell phones are convenient, some people have trouble keeping their mind off e-mail when they should be working or studying, and they grow restless if they find themselves without their cell phone. These digital distractions have led to an information overload making it difficult to stay focused on specific tasks.


By focusing on your working memory and concentration, Devilish Training can improve your ability to make predicitons and decisions, raising your efficiency at work or study, sports, and more.

By improving concentration, you can focus more on what is right in front of you.

This may lead to information addiction.

Dynamically adjusts to your level

Devilish Training adjusts its difficulty level based on your real-time performance, so that you are always working at your peak mental capacity.

Devilish Calculations

This is the core of Brain Age: Concentration Training. You'll be solving addition and subtraction problems writing the answer to a previous problem. The more numbers back to remember, the tougher it gets.

See more activities

1 Back

  • Remember Problem 1

  • Remember Problem 2

    Answer Problem 1

  • Remember Problem 3

    Answer Problem 2

2 Back

  • Remember Problem 1

    Remember Problem 2

  • Remember Problem 3

    Answer Problem 1

  • Remember Problem 4

    Answer Problem 2

Your accuracy will determine whether you go up or down a level, or stay the same.

5 Minute session

In "1 Back," you'll write the answer to the previous problem.

See your results after completing 24 problems.

Get 85% or more right and you'll move to "2 Back."

Get 75% right, you'll stay at that level.
Get 65% or less, and you'll go down a level.

This content is from the demo version. In the full game, you may go up to even higher levels back, and experience changes in speed for added challenge.